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Founders & Friends...

Pastor Martin Chamah


Now leading the LOMAMO team in Kenya, Martin Chamah was first called into full time ministry at the age of 20; the Lord prepared him for 4 years while he majored in Pastoral and Biblical studies. Living in Kisumu, Kenya with his family, Martin spends most of his time serving God's people in love. His heart is forever bent in serving the sick and the Orphans.  Martin believes God called him for a mission after witnessing someone showing him and his parents love.  He realized that if God had not touched that person's heart, Martin's dreams could have sank. Having been raised by World Vision through Australian Sponsors, Martin was given an education and even brought to salvation; therefore he wants to do the same for others. Martin is married to Edith Terry and has been blessed with 3 biological sons and many more orphaned children whom they cared for.

Pastor Vitalis Odoyo


Pastor Vitalis is husband to his late wife, Susanne, and father of their four children: two sons and two daughters. His call into the ministry began after giving his life to Christ when he started by helping in his local Church, teaching, leading bible studies and numerous youth activities and more. As Vitalis grew in his devotion, strengthened by Proverbs 3:5-6, reminding him to trust in the Lord with all his heart, God opened a way for him to attend Discipleship Training. Later, God opened another chance for Vitalis to join a Bible College to study His Word for 4 years...to know Him better, and to serve Him fully in His ministry, which He called Vitalis to do without looking back. (Luke 9:62) Still today, Pastor Vitalis is showing God's love to all people: the sick, the needy, the poor and all without hope but for the promises of John 3:16. God bless you.

Desmond Marshall


 Currently living in Northern Ireland, it could be said that Desmond Marshall is the reason LOMAMO exists. More than a decade ago, following the work that was begun by the Dutch, Dessie implemented a care and compassion ministry designed to care for those who’ve been abandoned to die.  In addition to providing urgent acute care, Dessie spent time with the patients…serving them, keeping them overnight when they had no one to give them food or remind them to take their medicine. He gave them fellowship from his heart, visiting patients in the hospitals and advocating for them to their doctors. He won't be found sitting in meetings or staying in the office.  Kenya is filled with patients who tell stories of how they were abandoned by their family and friends until Dessie came along, showed them love and encouraged them to keep trying.  Now we are blessed to follow in his footsteps.

Alan VanSloten


Alan has a passion for families!  He believes the best way to help children is to help their parents regain health... both physical and spiritual well being.  In terms of missional cost effectiveness, the dollars spent on adult care will save hundreds if not thousands on orphan care.  To keep families together is priceless.  Alan is proud to serve on the Board of Trustees for LOMAMO.  As a dear friend of the ministry once said, "In a very real sense, it is the Orphan-Prevention Program."

Chuck Cameron


Chuck Cameron has made his home in 

Michigan for 70 years.  While it is far from Kenya geographically, after three trips, this good country, and its kind and gentle people, have become close to his heart. After many decades in the business world, God is using Chuck's skills to help guide Love Matters Most to meet some of the many needs in Kenya. He and his wife enjoy their “retirement” with very full schedules, working with church and community outreaches. His 2 daughters, and step son, have made him a proud grandfather 7 times. Chuck looks forward to seeing how God will use LOMAMO to help Kenyans help Kenyans.

Jim Briscoe


Jim is a lifelong Californian who has been filled with the Holy Spirit and a passion to serve God by caring for the lost and hurting in the world. He first visited Kenya in 2013 and his heart was filled with compassion and love for those struggling in their spiritual and physical battles. He was blessed to return to Kenya both in 2017 and 2018 to share the love of Jesus Christ and he wants to use the gifts and resources God has given him to share the Gospel with the hurting and dying.  He has been married for over 30 years to his bride Stephanie and is the father of two grown children and two grandchildren. He enjoys spending as much of his free time as he can with them. It is an honor and a blessing to be involved with Lomamo and Jim is excited to see where God will lead this ministry.

Pamela McClanahan


A 5th generation northern Californian, Pamela found her heart beating fast when she first visited Kenya in 2010.  Since then she has been passionate about serving those who've been marginalized by society and left alone, vulnerable and without hope.  She has seen firsthand how love, even more than medicine or food, is what is needed most.  Having retired from a career with AT&T, Pamela is busier than ever serving the Lord with the gifts he's given her.  Besides going back to Kenya as often as possible, Pamela enjoys family, friends, and her sweet dog Frida.  She loves making art, writing and encouraging others to share their stories.  Pamela leads a scripture memory group at Church because she knows of nothing better than the love of God found in his Word.

Michael McClanahan


Michael grew up in Kansas and moved to California in his early 30s.  He attended medical school and has been practicing medicine as a Certified Physician Assistant for 20 years.  He also has a certification in Functional Medicine which treats imbalances in the body by honoring the way God created us to live and stay healthy.  Michael gave his life to the Lord in March, 1987 and is currently attending Christ Community Church where he is active in the Men's Ministry as a leader and mentor.  He has been involved as a supporting member of a care and compassion ministry in Kenya for several years and realizes the critical need for LOMAMO.  Michael is excited about this ministry and its promise of hope through Jesus Christ.

Gert Jan van den Bosch


Gert Jan lives in Zwolle in the Netherlands and is married to Marianne.  Together they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Since 1991 they have been members of an Evangelical Church with more than 3000 registered members. Gert Jan started his career as a male nurse (hospital, ambulance service, home care) and held various management positions. After more than 28 years he switched to consultancy in 'Healthcare and IT', most recently specializing in information security and privacy legislation. Together with his wife they visited the Care & Compassion project in Kenya in 2007 and saw the great need; they have been involved ever since. In 2018, Marianne and Gert Jan began supporting LOMAMO in numerous ways, using their unique giftedness to help start this ministry.

Marianne van den Bosch


Marianne is married with Gert Jan, and together they have three children and four grandchildren. In her occupation as a nurse, she has worked as a home-based nurse, a nurse in youth healthcare and in an organization supporting families with multiple problems. Since 2007 she has been a (registered) nurse practitioner in prevention.  Since 2014 Marianne has  worked with a Christian organization that cares for addicted people. 

In 2007 she went with Gert Jan for the first time to the care and compassion ministry in Kisumu, Kenya. She was immediately touched in her heart and since the first moment she has been involved in the care and compassion program. Marianne believes that God especially loves people with problems who struggle in their lives.  She is happy to do God's work.

Ibrahim Owiti Ondu


Ibrahim is a 40 year old born again Christian and single parent from Kisumu County. Currently he is serving as a care giver at LOMAMO Foundation Kenya.  In 1994, while still a young man and living in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu, Ibrahim noticed so many young men and women were sick and dying… infected with HIV/AIDS and also TB, with little care from their family members and friends due to stigmatization. This became a calling for Ibrahim to continue to help the sick, with a group of friends from church, through encouraging them with the Word of God and caring for them with love and compassion. It has been a blessing to see the Lord’s work changing so many people’s lives by preventing deaths and also reducing the number of orphans in the community.  Ibrahim has faithfully served the Lord for the past 20 years in obedience to this call. 

Patrick Odhiambo


PATRICK ODHIAMBO, born again Christian, age 28 and married. Patrick is currently serving as a Caregiver with LOMAMO FOUNDATION. He and the team conduct home visits, giving hope to the neglected people that suffer from HIV/AIDS and TUBERCULOSIS. Patrick was inspired to serve in the year 2013 after one day doing door-to-door fellowship in the slum area. He met a friend who was abandoned and had lost hope in life. He could not afford medication or even basic food and he desperately needed spiritual support. I felt touched by his circumstances and shared a lot with him. Patrick is thankful to LOMAMO for the good work they are doing in the community. It is his constant prayer to faithfully continue serving and restoring hope to the hopeless. Indeed many have seen the work of God and his miracles transforming peoples lives.

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Mary Atieno Owino


Mary is 34 years old, from Kisumu Kenya. She is a born-again Christian, a widow and a mother of two girls and one boy. Mary currently serves at LOMAMO FOUNDATION KENYA as a Caregiver. Mary’s love for caregiving started back in 2012 after her husband died. She was living near a neighbor who was suffering from HIV/AIDS and was abandoned by his family members. It was due to this experience that she was touched to care for this sick neighbor through giving him food, dressing his wounds, administering medication and above all encouraging him with the Word of God. That same year, she got a voluntary job to serve with children who were infected with HIV/AIDS and TB. Mary has never looked back. She loves serving her community and is active in championing the importance of caring for the sick and giving them hope again. 

Hillary Odhiambo Were


Born 28 August 1988 in Kisumu County, Kenya, Hillary is a born again Christian serving as a Caregiver at LOMAMO FOUNDATION KENYA. While still in school and very young to fend for himself, Hillary lost his step Mother due to HIV/AIDS; she was the only bread winner in the family. This came as a shock because he had lost his father in a fatal road accident barely two years earlier. Left alone to fend for his two younger siblings, he worked very hard to accomplish his studies and involve himself in programs which were empowering people living with HIV/AIDS and TB. So many were abandoned he felt driven to put more effort into reaching out to people in need. With prayers, dedication and combined efforts from friends and volunteers all over the world, many  have been able to rise up again from their death beds.

Jennifer (Jen) OKeefe


My name is Jennifer and I serve as Secretary for Love Matters Most, Inc.  I have been married 28 years to my best friend and together we have 3 beautiful boys. Our oldest son Christian went to heaven in May of 2017. Our family became involved with Christ’s Hope international in 2008 and in 2009 my husband participated in Ride for Hope USA, in which our son Christian was part of the sag team.  In our season of grief which began even before we lost our son, the Lord gave me these words, LOVE MATTERS MOST. I lived by them daily and continue to do so. Some day soon, I hope to visit the care points where our kids are being supported along with the sick and dying LOMAMO serves.

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Jennifer Bonnett


A lifelong California resident, Jennifer now makes her home in the greater Sacramento area where she lives with her husband and two school-age children. She has a heart to serve others and is a member of her church's Women's Ministry leadership team where she uses her gifts of communication. She is also a journalist with decades of experience in both print and TV. She serves as the social media liaison for Love Matters Most and would love to visit Africa someday.

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Regan Miller


Waiting for BIO...  Regan Miller is the Treasurer for Love Matters Most Inc. (shown here with her husband, Ken!)

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LOMAMO Foundation was approved by the Kenya Government as a non-profit foundation on 19 October, 2018.  Our Kick-Off Celebration took place October 28th and was attended by nearly 200 friends and guests!




100% of all donations go directly to the work of LOMAMO in Kenya. All costs associated with running Love Matters Most, Inc. are absorbed by the Officers and Directors, none of whom receive any compensation for their involvement.  PLEASE DONATE using the GIVE NOW button on any of our pages.  Make a one-time or monthly recurring gift of ANY amount. Or send a check, made out to Love Matters Most, Inc. (or LMM Inc.) and mail it to 3741 Sutter Hill Lane, Carmichael, CA 95608.  THANK YOU.



LOVE MATTERS MOST, Inc. is a California based non-profit with Employer Identification # (EIN)  


Nov 4, 2019 we received Federal approval of our 501(c)(3) application making your gifts tax deductible retroactive to January, 2019.

This photo is of Pastor Martin with one of our youngest patients...                        LOVE MATTERS MOST

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